Tamás Váradi

Prof. Váradi is the deputy director and chair of the Department of Language Technology and Sociolinguistics at the Research Institute for Linguisticts, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 1997 he founded the Department of Corpus Linguistics (later called Department of Language Technology), whose initial mission was the creation of the Hungarian National Corpus. Under Prof. Váradi’s supervision the department has participated in a number of major national and EU funded research projects in the area of machine translation, information extraction, language resources building. Prof. Váradi has gained recognition in the area of language resources and language technology across Europe. He regularly serves on the program committees of several conferences including EACL, TSD, LREC, and Digital Humanities. He acted as local host to EACL’. He was appointed President of the TELRI (Trans-Language Resources Infrastructure) Association in 2003. Recently, he was one of the founding partners of the major research infrastructure project CLARIN (www.clarin.eu) and he is a member of the Executive Board. He also acts as Chairman of the Hungarian Technology Platform for Language and Speech Technology.