Welcome to HLT Days!

Welcome to the site of the international event “Human Language Technology Days” held on September 27-28 in Warsaw. Thank you for promoting language technology and experiencing how it helps business and everyday life. The event hosted speakers from the EC, IBM, Google and many European research institutions.


ICT Proposers' Day 2012

The ICT Proposers' Day was a unique networking opportunity to build partnerships and projects targetting the new Information and Communication Technologies Work Programme for 2013. The event, co-located with HLT Days 2012, was held in Warsaw on September 26-27, just a few steps away from our location.


Language Whitepapers

The META-NET Language White Paper series “Languages in the European Information Society” reports on the state of each European language with respect to Language Technology and explains the most urgent risks and chances. It covers all official European languages and several other spoken in geographical Europe.